Landscape Planning

Landscape Planning is a process through which, with a thorough understanding of the environmental opportunities, constraints, the specific immediate and wider landscape and townscape setting of a potential development site, we can facilitate well-planned, sustainable development. 

We adopt a design-led, analytical approach from the outset, and throughout the planning process, to deliver high-quality developments that reconcile competing land uses, and maximise the realisation of land value. As such, our Landscape Planning teams support projects across all sectors, and of all scales, throughout the UK, from the earliest stages.


Working as a standalone service or closely with other disciplines across the Practice, we work with all parties – public and private sectors – to consider how a proposal can be successfully assimilated within the rural or urban landscape. We provide a robust assessment of the potential townscape, landscape or visual effects of the development and give sound guidance on strategies that improve and assist in the promotion of the proposals.  

Townscape, Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments are a key element of our service and we utilise the latest technology, including Zone of Theoretical Visibility predictive mapping to deliver highly accurate, verifiable imagery. This imagery can then be used to evaluate and support the development proposals, be this a city centre tower, a rural energy-from-waste plant, or a large-scale residential or mixed-use development.

We provide a clear evidence base, work with proven success in negotiations with key stakeholders, provide in-depth knowledge when engaging with stakeholders and the wider community, and have a track record of robust dependability at Examination and Appeal Inquiry.