Sustainable Value

Sustainability requires social, environmental, and economic issues to be considered holistically and throughout a project lifecycle to maximise benefit to communities and return on investment. Our Sustainable Value team helps clients to secure the best environmental, social and economic value from their assets.

Our team provides advice at all stages of the project lifecycle: from setting a sustainability strategy; representing client interests in emerging policy and collaboration with regulators and stakeholders; promoting sites and operations and building support for the project; fulfilling planning/consenting requirements and beyond. Our team is diverse and experienced. Including experienced environmentalists, economists, designers, energy and health and wellbeing experts, we assemble a bespoke team and service for each client to suit their needs.

Sustainability must be genuine, aligned to an organisation’s values and objectives. It can appear challenging to reconcile seemingly conflicting requirements and wants of diverse stakeholders with an interest in a project in a constantly changing context. Our approach is flexible, designed to be able to respond to changes in regulation, policy, lifestyle and technology.

We are passionate about projects that put people and our environment first, now and in the future and making this our mission drives the highest long-term value for our clients. 

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